Scientific Humanities: an interesting introductory course by Bruno Latour

Recently, I stumbled upon this highly interesting MOOC course by Bruno Latour on the topic of Scientific Humanities. Having been navigating for the last 3 or 4 years now in the complex waters of interdisciplinary research between computer and social sciences, I welcomed this finding and quickly submerged myself in to its contents. As a surprise, the course invites its students to share their thoughts and experiences regarding the complex interactions between science and technology, and the humanities. So, here I am, using this as an excuse to start writing again on this blog.

The courses starts with a very straightforward introduction (see attached PDF) that explains its scope (mainly based upon Science and Technology Studies literature, but not only), followed by a brief explanation of how the blog activity will go along. I will try to keep up with it, and see if I can dust off my writing skills along the way 🙂

Scientific Humanities Introduction

Ps.: the featured picture is a reminiscence of my times actively in the field, doing participatory research and design with a community of older adults in Trento, Italy. That’s where my interests in this interdisciplinary realm all started, and even if right now is briefly on hold (the field side of it at least), this is where I am ultimately headed.

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