Work on Progress: Synchronized Sharing of Pictures

Say you have a system to allow younger users with a smartphone to send text messages and pictures directly to an tablet device used by an elder user. How can we allow young users to guide elders counterparts through messages and pictures they had shared before, but in one real time session?. In other words, how can we implement a synchronized sharing experience, where young users will guide elders through pictures and messages in real time?.

Well, that system is What’s Up, a Youngster-2-Elders system for intergenerational sharing. And building on top of it we are working in the What’s Up Sync service to provides the means for starting a synchronized sharing session where one user will guide the other through a set of resources that have been previously shared.

An initial external Prototype of the synchronized sharing using lightweight push notifications both for Android and iOS is ready and now entering the process of first evaluations and integration within the main intergenerational messaging System What’s Up. This videos show the early prototypes. Enjoy!

What’s Up Sync Alpha Prototype – Android2iPad

What’s Up Sync Alpha Prototype – iPad2Android

A big Kudos and especial thanks to @monnand for providing so much feedback and support for our use of Uniqush, the middleware server that lies between our services and both Android and Apple push notifications platforms.

And of course, credits go for the great developers and students working with us at, Simone Melchiori and Maurizio Cainelli. Keep up with the great Work Guys!

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