Design Workshop with Active Elderly

On June 18th, our friends from Kaleidoscopio’s Daily Center in Trento, visited us in our headquarters of the ICT Doctoral School in Povo, Trento. We have shared with them a wonderful and full day of playing with our apps, interacting with and learning from them.

The workshop was structured in two main sessions. The first one aimed at demoing our applications in focus groups where each of them had the opportunity of using the application directly, while a group of collaborators observed the activity with the goal of detecting posible usability issues that can be the input for our design.

The second session was about brainstorming with them around three main topics: communication with family and friends, keep ourselves active in both body and mind and sharing our life experiences and stories. The goal of the session was to get ideas directly from our potential users about what should we improve in our designs.
After 5 hours of collaboration, with pizza and sweets around, we finished the workshop with the hope of repeating the experience as soon as possible. There are lots of feedback and field notes to analyze now and work has just started.

Some quick results:

  • From the Flanders’ Interaction Analysis we performed, we can characterize the groups as a highly active one, given that 51% of the time it was them leading the interactions, and not group facilitators.
  • The average age of the participants is 68, and they came to visit in 15, of which only 1 was male.
  • 4 focus groups of 4 people each were created.
  • Based on our Mental Model observation during the day, we have detected 16 different design mistakes to be fix in our applications, plus around other 21 usability notes to take care of.
  • Our general observations had rendered so far a list of almost 40 concrete ideas to feed our design, which are already taken care of by our Developers and Designers.
  • If you are interested in the raw notes from the experience, feel free to have a look here.

Overall, the experience was excellent and we have not only learnt about what to improve in our applications, but we have also deepened our relationship with this group of people, looking forward to future collaborations and participatory research with them.

3 thoughts on “Design Workshop with Active Elderly

  1. Sounds interesting.
    Hope I can join your crew ASAP! I’ve just asked prof. Marchese to be part of your project. I would be really pleased and willing to work and write my thesis about this area of research that melts sociology, human interaction and I.T.

    Hope I see u soon live.

  2. Hi Matteo!
    You will be more than welcomed in our group.
    Tell us more of yourself and your interests and we will see which of our many things to do better fit your motivation 🙂

    See you soon!

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