Real Life Relationships

A great talk from TED2012 made me think a lot Today. It is, indeed, the biggest problem of our generation, myself included. We do not know how to be alone. How to be in solitude. And technology is, perhaps, the big responsible.

I, myself, have no idea about how to be alone anymore. I am always “connected”, “sharing”, “engaging”, but all limited to that little black box called smartphone. And yet, ironically, I have to come up with a Ph.D. thesis in Computer Science about ICT
for the wellbeing and social inclusion of elderly (and have less than 2 years for it)

This talk made me think that whatever solution I come up with, should foster “Real” life interactions rather than limiting people to computer mediated ones. I have no idea how to do so right now, but I think I would like to focus on that. ICT that push us out of our chairs to really engage with people.

Thanks for Sherry Turkle for the inspiration.

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