Mashtalk Seminar Presentation on my Ph.D. Thesis topic

Last Monday November 10th I gave a talk at the Mashtalk Group of DISI on the topic of Reputation in the context of Computer Science.

The talk provide me with a lot of feedback in order to improve my current research toward the presentation of my qualifying paper at the end of this year.

Here I share the resulting screencast of the presentation and the abstract of my phd research.

Reverse Engineering of Reputation in Computer Science

UNITN MashTalk Seminar Series. Reverse Engineering of Reputation – Draft Ideas from Cristhian Parra on Vimeo.

Abstract. In this research work we study the nature of reputation in science, both of researchers and of their publications, looking for new methods of describing this reputation in terms of measurable scientific output indicators. We explore the different aspects that influence people’s opinions and investigate which are the metrics that best estimate such opinions. The final goal is to provide algorithms, models and tools to measure and keep track of reputation and trust in the context of computer science. To reach this goal, we analyze to what degree traditional methods of assessment used in research (e.g. bibliometric indicators) approximate the actual reputation that is based on the opinion of researchers about their peers. As a complement, social network analysis on coauthorship and citation networks is performed in order to understand how opinion on individuals or papers change across communities. Results from this analysis can help to further improve our methods of measuring reputation by adding to the model information about the context where research is being done. Finally, we include in this paper a review of the wide body of knowledge related to the topics of reputation and trust, voting systems, scientometrics and scientific data access and availability.