Hello world of Science!

Here I am, finally stepping into the world of Blogging. So Welcome Me!

My Name is Cristhian Daniel Parra Trepowski. I was born in the heart of South America, in the small but beautiful Republic of Paraguay. My memory fails for this, but my mother and the Official of the Civil Registry told me that it was on Wednesday 21st of June of 1984.

Starting on that moment, there is whole set of adventures to tell, but this is not the place for all of them. Instead, this blog will refer mainly to the professional side of that journey we call life. Here you will mainly find research notes and references gathered while advancing towards a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, plus other ideas/news/things related to my career.

Speaking of my career, this is how it went so far. In October 2009, I got my Diploma degree on Informatic Engineering by the Polytechnic Faculty of the National University of Asunción. Prior to this,  I had the wonderful chance of coming to DISI (University of Trento, Italy) for a 6-month stage of work with Prof. Fabio Casati and as a member of the Liquidpub Project. My work in this project would later become into my Thesis Dissertation for the Informatics Engineering degree.

Finished with the Diploma degree, I became (and currently am) a Ph.D. Student of the ICT International Doctoral School, where I am working under the advisement of Prof. Fabio Casati and Prof. Maurizio Marchese.

In my new role as Ph.D. student, my research interests include social networks analysis, reputation and trust, voting systems, credit attribution and more recently scientometrics (actually, I have a lot of other research interests, but unfortunately I can just focus on a few). Most of the content in this blog will fall under one of these categories, unless I change my research direction in the following two years.

In summary, this Blog has mainly two goals:

  1. Help me to organize my ideas,
  2. Share them with You, in order to engage in constructive research interactions.

So, in the hope that I will be able to reach these goals, I hereby give you a warm Welcome! to my research blog. Feel free (and happy) to comment/praise/criticize everything you read here.