Hello World! I am a Design Researcher and Computer Scientist who works in the exciting multidisciplinary realm of Social-Community Informatics and Human-Computer Interaction. I am currently the Head of Experimentation of the Accelerator Lab at UNDP, Paraguay. I also teach about these topics in Paraguayan Universities, mostly at the Catholic University of Asunción.

For the past 10 years, I have always worked at intersections, bridging Computer and Social Sciences, combining methods rooted in anthropology and participatory design, to inform research, development, and implementation of socio-technical solutions for social/community challenges.

My approach has always been to get close to communities, involving them early on research and design, and continuously validating ideas through prototyping and experimentation. This has meant joining a senior community center as a volunteer to explore challenges of active ageing and ICTs, taking part on volunteer-led participatory budgeting committees to tackle challenges of collaboration around proposal making, and helping the formation of community entomology volunteers that fight the spread of arbovirosis by collecting and socializing evidence of their neighborhood’s risk. Finding creative ways to engage local communities in complex social innovation challenges is the staple of my work.

I update this page very rarely, and I mostly use it as a place to share a very introductory information about who I am and what I do or have done. If you want to know more about me and what I am doing, head over to LinkedIn to connect professionally, or Twitter to read some of my thoughts on all things, life and work. My list of publications is in Google Scholar. For the moment, LinkedIn is my portfolio and the best place to know more about what have I done in the past.

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